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Pure silver is relatively soft and very malleable therefore can easily be damaged if used in jewellery in its pure form. In order to produce a more durable product, it is combined with other metals creating an ‘alloy’ or blend called Sterling Silver.

Sterling Silver most commonly consists of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. Although any metal can make up the 7.5% non-silver portion of Sterling, centuries of experimentation have shown copper to be its best companion, improving the metal’s hardness and durability without affecting its beautiful white colour.

Sterling silver blend

Silver Blend  Name Typical Stamp OR Hallmark Fineness Minimum % Pure Silver Minimum % Other Metals
Pure Silver (Not a Blend) Fine Silver Fine Silver / Fine 999 / 1000 99.9% 00.1%
Sterling Silver Alloy Sterling Silver Sterling Silver / Sterling / Ster / 925 925 / 1000 92.5% 7.5%

All Sterling Silver jewellery requires some level of care to ensure it is always looking its best. Care should be taken to prevent tarnish build-up on Sterling Silver. Chlorine, bleach and other household chemicals can damage Sterling Silver and accelerate tarnishing, so this should be avoided.

Caring for your Silver Jewellery

Silver Filled Jewellery

Style a Bit have a huge range of 9ct Sterling Silver-Filled Jewellery. These pieces are notgold plated; therefore the gold content does not ‘rub off’ as it would in a plated piece. Silver-filled jewellery is 9ct white, yellow or rose gold tubing, filled with either sterling silver mesh, wire or solid sterling silver.
Filled jewellery is inherently heavier than hollow jewellery, as the pieces are considered ‘solid’ once filled with the silver lining. This filling increases the durability and longevity of the jewellery. Silver Filled Jewellery does however require a certain level of care, as the jewellery will still experience ‘normal wear and tear’ over time. Silver filled items have the similar properties as solid gold pieces but sell for a fraction of the price.


FAQ’s OF Style a Bit Silever – Filled Jewellery

Q: How can I tell if a piece is 9ct Silver-Filled?

The product description both on the Style a Bit computer system and on a purchase receipt will clearly state that the piece is silver-filled. The piece will also be hallmarked / stamped as 9ct Gold (or 375) and Sterling Silver (or 925).

Q: Is there and Warranty Period that applies for Filled Jewellery?


Style a Bit provide a 12 month warranty on all silver-filled products. This warranty covers pieces against any manufacturing faults or defects within a 12 month period. This warranty does not cover accidental damage, deliberate damage or normal wear and tear, and proof of purchase (a Style a Bit receipt) is essential.

Q: Can Silver-Filled Jewellery be repaired and / or altered?

Silver-Filled Jewellery can often be repaired, but this is dependent on the extent of the damage the piece has experienced; sometimes heavily worn or damaged pieces are unfortunately irreparable. Some Style a Bit Silver-Filled Jewellery can also be altered (lengthened or shortened), but this is again dependent on the piece, the supplier and availability.

For details on whether your Silver-Filled Jewellery can be repaired or altered, please take your product detials in hand and call our Customer Service on 1800 103 6799 for more information.

Caring for your Silver Filled Jewellery

9ct Gold Silver-Filled Jewellery requires some level of care to ensure it is always looking its best. Style a Bit ‘filled-jewellery’ range is NOT plated but rather, hollow gold pieces that are infused with Silver for extra strength and durability, to reduce the likelihood of denting. Filled-Jewellery items have similar properties to solid gold items, but are at a fraction of the price.

All jewellery should be removed before sleep, bathing or any other physical activity which might subject precious piece to scratches or sharp blows such as gardening, working with hand-tools, or playing sports, and each piece should be stored separately to avoid accidental damage. Bevilles recommend that all filled-jewellery be professionally cleaned and polished annually. Please ensure that you clearly state the piece is Silver-Filled to the Bevilles staff member so that extra care can be taken in the repair process.

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